This is the Page of our Friend Georgos

George Lagios is my best friend. We know each other since 1971, that is now more than 30 years.

In those old days, George was serving his military service as a policeman in Athens.

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On the reverse of the above photography. George wrote this dedication for me.
Now George is happily married with Sofia.

This picture shows them in 2000 on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.

Both are successful in the jewellery industry in Athens.

This is the shop where you can find George
The name of this excellent shop is GOLDEN CENTURY.

It is a must for your next trip to Greece.

This link brings you to the homepage of GOLDEN CENTURY.



Follow this link to the homepage of SOFIA.

Photo Galleries

George and Sofia in Zurich, April 2000

On a visit to Switzerland, George and Sofia were in Zurich.
  George in the Swiss Army camp at Frauenfelden In April 2000 George and Sofia went with us to visit Christian in his military service.  
  Insel Mainau - April 2000 Next day we went to visit the flower island in the Bodensee.  
  Kato Achaia 2001 The one and only Party of George and Sofia at their home in Kato Achaia on July 21st, 2001  
  Kato Achaia 2001 more pictures 1  
  Kato Achaia 2001 more pictures 2  
  Kato Achaia 2001 more picures 3  
  Kato Achaia 2001 more picures 4